FMI Touw has extensive and high-quality machinery. This enables us to produce exactly according to your plans. For milling we use two XR-760 vertical machining centers from Hardinge Bridgeport linked to a Pro-loader robot cell. In addition we have four Bridgeport vertical machining centers with fourth axis and three machining centers with pallet changer (APC) from Leadwell. Furthermore, our workshop hosts various Okuma lathes with an automatic bar feeder and powered tools, so we are able to carry out various operations in one fixture and very accurately!

For these activities, we have the right machines and tools, to produce it in-house:
• milling
• turning
• sheet metal and bench work
• grinding

Our possibilities

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Additional services

After each operation control will find place in a conditioned chamber. Here we can include an appeal to a Mitutoyo Crysta M-measuring machine and if you wish we can accompany your products with a measurement report. To take care of complete projects for you, we offer you the opportunity to all parts, both electronic and mechanical, to assemble a complete unit in a conditioned chamber. To make this possible we have close ties with specialists, for both development and manufacturing of products, and bring knowledge and skills in the right place together. We can provide laser cutting, waterjet cutting, wire and zinc sparks, painting/screening off your hands. Also metal finishing processes such as anodizing, chromating, plating, nickel plating and nickel/ptfe-treatment; FMI Touw makes it all come together!

Our added value: creating value!