Leave your product at TOUW B.V. we can also take care of the engineering. Do you have the CAD data of the design (DWG, IGES, STEP), then we convert this into the specific production data through Cimatron. And we use Cimco DNC-Max for the dnc control of the machines and the storage of the programs.

Based on your design we can immediately start working for you. In many cases, however, profit can be gained by letting us think about the implementation. Our added value lies in offering excellent alternatives that can reduce cost price. Benefit from our specialist knowledge in the field of material types and applied techniques.

If your company does not have design capacity itself, we can take care of the design process in consultation with you. Our design specialists convert your idea quickly and accurately into product data, taking immediate account of the available machines and techniques within our company. This allows the actual production to start quickly and it will run smoothly.

Your security

In addition to our RoHS and REACH declarations, we can also provide you with our ISO 9001 certifications, which are tested annually internally and externally.


Our professionals are responsible for the product. The final inspection takes place in a conditioned measuring room where we can, among other things, call upon a Mitutoyo Crysta M coordinate measuring machine. If desired, we can provide your products with a measurement report. To provide complete projects for you, we offer you the possibility to assemble all parts, both electronically and mechanically, into a complete whole in a conditioned room. To make this possible, we have close ties with specialists outside our own company, for both the development and manufacture of products, and we bring know-how and expertise together in the right place. We can take care of laser cutting, water jet cutting, wire and zinc sparking, painting / printing. We can also arrange metal finishing processes such as (Hard / color) anodising, chromating, tinning and nickel plating; Fijnmechanische Industrie TOUW B.V. makes it all happen!


Below is a selection of the products that we have realized for our customers.