If you allow FMI Touw to make your products, we can also provide the engineering of it. Do you have the CAD data of the design and we’ll put it into the specific production data. For Cad / Cam we use Cimatron E10 and for the DNC-control of the machines. For the storage of the programs we use Cimco DNC-Max. The following file formats can be easily processed: ASM, DXF, DWG, IGES, PRT, STL, SAT, STEP and VDA.

Your own design

Based on your design we can produce straight away. In many cases, however, be gained by us in thinking about the execution. Our added value lies in offering better alternatives that will reduce your costs. Benefit from our expertises in the field of materials, tools and techniques.

Design by FMI Touw

If your company hasn’t got the design capacity, we can take care of your design. Our design specialists convert your ideas quickly and accurately into a product, taking into account the available equipment and techniques we can supply. This allows a much quicker start of the actual production.