About TOUW B.V.

Fijnmechanische Industrie TOUW B.V. was created in 1991 as a privatization of the mechanical workshop of Philips Breda. Since then, the focus has shifted to the machining work and in 2011 we have taken the step to low-human 24/7 production, which allows us to further reduce the cost price for our customers. We are mainly active in the Benelux.


TOUW B.V. is your reliable partner in product development, prototyping, production and assembly of (fine) mechanical and electromechanical products. You can contact us for the processing of products made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, brass and plastic. It can be prototypes, single pieces or series up to about a hundred pieces. With a size of one to five hundred mm with an accuracy of up to 5mμ.

A team of experienced professionals and an extensive and high-quality machine park (see machine listallows us to make your product exactly as you have in mind. For the following activities we have the right machines and tools to be able to perform milling, turning, sheet metal work, bank work and grinding in-house.

Cost-reducing advice

If you supply a product design yourself, we can immediately start working for you on this basis. In many cases, however, profit can be gained by letting us think about the implementation. We find it a challenge to think of alternatives that bring a lower cost price. We often succeed because we have specialist knowledge of materials, tools and techniques. That know-how can be of great benefit to you.