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“Because we want to play in the Champions League of precision mechanics.” That’s what director Jelle Touw of Fijnmechanische Industrie TOUW in Breda calls the idea behind the acquisition of two XR-760 milling machines from Bridgeport, coupled with a Pro-loader robot cell from BMO. With this, TOUW B.V. has taken the step towards man-free 24/7 production. In addition to a considerable expansion of the capacity, it also offers the flexibility that Touw has in mind. The heart of the new production cell is the Pro-loader, consisting of a six-axis robot and a warehouse system with five drawers. The Pro-loader is flanked by two reflective (in connection with the accessibility) three-axle vertical XR-760 milling machines. These are robust and heavy machines with a capacity of 18.5 kW from the high performance line of Bridgeport. The above excerpt comes from an article in Metaal Magazine.